Trump Claims He Will Sit For Deposition In Latest Lawsuit Case: “I Look Forward To It”

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Disgraced ex-president Donald Trump has got a whole lot going on. And I mean a whole lot. He’s still big mad about that lost election, he’s under investigations coming from more than one direction, his organization and the company’s CFO was recently slapped with some hefty indictments, and he’s got lawsuits galore — both against him as well as ones he’s filing of his own.

But, lo and behold, there’s only one that he’s ready and willing to be deposed for.

For a couple of weeks, Trump kept hinting at some big announcement he was going to make during an upcoming press conference, while he pretended that he was still president and has a say anything. Unsurprisingly, the announcment wasn’t that big at all, but rather just his social media lawsuit that we all knew was coming from the moment he was banned from every reputable social media platform thanks to his behavior surrounding the January 6th Capitol riot.

And wouldn’t you know, out of all the troubles and lawsuits he’s facing, that’s the only one that he’s raring and ready to give a deposition for.

Speaking during an interview with Bill O’Reilly this morning, on the heels of his class action lawsuit announcement, Trump took the opportunity to attack “bad people” in big tech. O’Reilly noted that a lawsuit like this is “unprecedented” and asked how the ex-president will respond when social media companies take to court with the argument that he was banned due to inciting the January 6th riot.

“I didn’t,” Trump declared as he went on to argue that he wasn’t involved in the Capitol attack, complained about the media for the million time, bragged about the size of the rally that was full of soon-to-be rioters, and once again pushed the Big Lie.

“they’re gonna want to take a deposition from you,” O’Reilly noted before asking Trump, “You gonna sit for a deposition?”

“Sure. I mean, I look forward to it actually,” the ex-president answered. “I love talking about the election fraud.”

You can watch the clip from Mediaite here.

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