Trump Claims Pelosi Is Looking At “25th Amendment In Order To Replace Joe Biden With Kamala Harris,” Seems To Forget Biden Is Not Currently The President

Wait, WHAT?

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Our anti-masker president suffered from a self-inflicted wound when he contracted the coronavirus while ignoring and mocking social distancing guidelines. Suffice it to say that Donald Trump surrendered to the coronavirus without even putting up a fight. And the 74-year-old president’s behavior has been even more erratic lately while he is still being treated for COVID-19. Trump’s mental acuity has come under scrutiny while the administration continues to be evasive regarding when the president took tests for the coronavirus.

So, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is bringing the 25th Amendment at the center of focus for our country’s safety, which seems to have rattled Donald Trump. And Trump seems to think that Joe Biden is the president, thus inadvertently displaying that he is indeed bonkers.


Twitter users piled in:

Of course, Biden isn’t going to be replaced by Harris since the election hasn’t happened yet. Unless, of course, Trump is spinning a conspiracy theory about 2021 — after Biden wins. Either way, it smells of desperation. Trump is flailing in the polls, even in battleground states. Even my state — North Carolina — is a tossup now. I guess we can thank Trump for ending the GOP, though.

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