Trump Claims US COVID Rates Are So High Because Other Countries Only Test When “Somebody Comes Into The Hospital And Throws Up All Over The Floor”

Trump isn't going to be able to lie his way out of his.

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Donald Trump has a couple of obvious tells when he is lying, one of those being the “sir” stories he tells. They are pretty easy to spot. Whenever he goes into detail, giving testimony from some unnamed person that usually calls him sir, you can bet it’s going to be a lie. But today, while speaking in North Carolina, he told his most dangerous “sir” story yet.

“Covid, Covid, Covid.” Trump complains that is all the media talks about but it isn’t without reason. We are hitting case numbers higher than we were at its worst point — but that isn’t stopping our current president from pretending it isn’t a threat. Trump downplayed the global pandemic yet again today, saying the mortality rate was down when we have nearly 1000 human lives lost a day. That is 1000 different families across the country affected in some way by this disease. Nearly 1000. Every. Single. Day.

Trump then started talking about the calls he gets from leaders and how they don’t test people for the virus, because that causes their case numbers to rise. Trump continues on, talking about a totally not made up “tough man that runs a tough country” and how they only test when someone comes into the hospital throwing up all over the floor.


 If that wasn’t bad enough, this happened right after he complained that kids are also raising the “numbers”:

We show more cases because we test. So, Barron Trump as an example is a case, all the kids are a case, and by the way they are very young now, you know they are testing schools and highschools and this and that and what it does is give the fake news media something to talk about.”

Because Trump can’t just be awful (he has to go the extra mile) he then blamed journalists, referring to them as very bad people. “If we tested half, cases would be half, they want us to test, test, test.” 

Trump is actually blaming the media for our coronavirus numbers, no doubt thinking it is on purpose as a slight against him.

What Trump may fail to realize is, this isn’t going away. Hiding the information doesn’t stop the infection, it doesn’t stop the dying. It isn’t going to go away on November 4th as he claims.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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Chris Gifford