Trump Claims World Leaders Praise His US Response To Pandemic “Off The Record And Quietly” And Internet Has Some Questions

He's such a bad liar.

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At Friday’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing, seemingly the zillionth such affair since Trump realized they meant cameras and microphones pointed at his face, the president made a rather odd claim about the US response to the pandemic.

To be clear, the president makes many, many odd claims about it — the timeline of when he says he did certain things is off, and he can’t seem to figure out that the 1918 Spanish Flu took place in 1918, not 1917 — but the strangest ones are those he makes about people’s assessments of his capability. In short, according to Trump, everyone thinks he’s amazing and wants to do everything exactly the way he’s done it.

That’s ridiculous, of course, but impossible to fact-check, since we can’t rightly ask “everyone” what they think about Trump’s leadership during this crisis. Sometimes, however, Trump wants to be a little more specific than “everyone” but still needs to hedge what he’s saying so that he can’t be fact-checked.


That’s not an official policy as in, he says that out loud, but everyone knows when he says “I don’t want to name who,” or “we won’t get into who said that,” or “I don’t want to talk about where that happened,” what it actually means is that it’s nobody who said nothing, nowhere.

Friday, however, he took it too far and it turned into almost a parody of himself, as he claimed that “powerful leaders” from around the globe actually approved of what he’s done in his coronavirus response, but that they do it “off the record and quietly” so of course there’s no proof. But believe him, it totally happened for real.

He wishes he could tell you who it was, but he just can’t.

That sparked an excellent question:

The rest of the internet wondered the same thing.

Come on, Don. We know what’s up. We all know that hot girl you dated in high school lived in Canada, and that’s why no one ever saw her.

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