Trump Compares His Approval Rating To That Of Fauci’s During Press Briefing, Wonders Why Nobody Likes Him: “It Could Only Be My Personality”

This is hilarious.

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During the Q&A portion of President Trump’s now-daily press briefing on Tuesday, things took a bizarre turn as Trump seemingly admitted that his abrasive personality turns people off from liking him. In fact, he seemed to actually be admitting that his approval rating was low — and that it was because of his personality.

If that seems a little too strange, we’ve got a video of the brief exchange with a reporter to prove it.

After being asked about the tweets he posted in which the content called coronavirus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci’s findings and recommendations into question, Trump once again turned back to his oft-repeated public statement about getting along famously with Dr. Fauci and acting as though there has never been any conflict between them.


This time, however, Trump sought to complete the manufactured appearance of harmony by elaborating on how impressed he is of how high Dr. Fauci’s approval ratings are. But in so doing, he was unable to not brag about it as though they were his own, reminding the press in attendance that Fauci works for him, and implying that by extension, those high approval ratings are and should be his.

He’s got a very good approval rating, and I like that, it’s good. Because remember, he’s working for this administration. He’s working with us. We could have gotten other people…And he’s got this high approval rating, so why don’t I have a high approval rating with respect to the virus?

So it sort of is curious — a man works for us, with us, very closely, Dr. Fauci…Highly thought of…But nobody likes me. It can only be my personality, that’s all.”

As hard as it is to believe, it’s right here on this video — Trump actually seeming to admit that, all other circumstances being the same, people like other people more than him because of his faulty personality.

Honestly, Mr. President? I’m not going to disagree.


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