Trump Doesn’t Seem To Remember The Name Of The City He Is In While Hosting A Rally

Is he serious right now?

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We know it’s hard for a doddering old man like Donald Trump to ramble from city to city spreading lies like the coronavirus and shaking his fist impotently at the sky, but watching him fall apart at a Wisconsin rally last night was almost too much for even those of us who are used to him being an ineffectual loser on the campaign trail.

Case in point: The President of the United States, in all his stable geniusness, could not for the life of him remember what city he was in. You know, the city he went to. For the rally. That he was doing right then.

That would be embarrassing for a normal person, but remember, we’re talking about Donald Trump here. This is not a man who feels shame. He’s like a male cyclist who’s most comfortable in bicycle shorts and a wide stance — he just lets it all hang out. So when he failed to come up with his current locale while rattling off the names of other nearby cities that a 5-year-old could list in their sleep, he unceremoniously just used a lifeline — he asked the audience.



I’m sorry, Donnie, but this is a no from me, dawg. You don’t get to campaign in any city anywhere in America without:

  • Remembering the name of that city
  • Practicing the pronunciation of that city
  • Repeating steps one and two in this list
Randy Jackson disapproves, Mr. President.

That’s just not the way it’s done. And although the citizens of Mosinee were gracious enough to humor the thoughtless president, the fact is, we all know that approximately eleven seconds later, he forgot both the name and the pronunciation again, and simply made a mental note not to mention where he was anymore.

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That’s all he knows how to do.

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