Trump, During His Presser, Appears To Suggest That Injecting Disinfectant Inside The Body Could Be Used As A Treatment For COVID

Yeah, um, DON'T do that.

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On Thursday, Donald Trump made what might be the absolute batshit-craziest statement of the entire coronavirus pandemic so far. I know you read the headline, but there’s really no way to do a headline like that justice without showing you a video of what the President said — and including the context around it.

Normally, news outlets that clearly do not favor Trump, like ours, can reliably be expected to leave out the context of his statements. It’s a useful tool to highlight how insane some of the things he says are, even if context might change the meaning.

But in this case, including the background serves to amplify how completely nutso Trump sounded since he said what he did in the course of saying all kinds of other total lunacy about the pandemic and the coronavirus infection itself.


Thankfully, this clip includes that back story.

Trump’s Undersecretary for Science and Technology at the Department of Homeland Security, William Bryan, had been at the podium discussing different possible treatments and even just environmental factors that could ameliorate infections, and during one segment of the informational section of his statement, he explained a few things that kill the virus when they come into contact with it: Bleach, he said, kills coronavirus in 5 minutes while isopropyl alcohol takes a mere 30 seconds, even with no rubbing or saturating.

Trump took the entirety of what Dr. Bryan directly to heart, and when he stepped back to the podium himself, he unleashed a string of stupid so long that Dr. Bryan had to come back and correct it, after which Trump doubled down.

That statement was so absolutely wild that it immediately went viral on Twitter. But according to another reporter in the room, Dr. Bryan did much the same as Dr. Anthony Fauci yesterday — he immediately contradicted Trump:

It absolutely doesn’t, Mr. President. If you want to press the issue, I suggest you volunteer to have the disinfected injected into yourself first.

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