Trump During The Immigration Topic At The Debate: “I Hate To Say This, But Those With The Lowest IQ. They Might Come Back”

He won't change his toxic views on America.

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We have dealt with four years of Donald Trump and he has learned nothing and worst than that he is still displaying blatant racism. Tonight, the second and final Presidential debate commenced and Trump showed us as much yet again. Throughout a blustering and embarrassing performance, and even after getting cut off a couple of times (thank goodness), it all came back around when he was racist towards immigrants.

From the time Trump descended on that horrid day from that escalator and went on to call Mexicans criminals and rapists, the world has been more divided. That continued to plague our nation and we are finally on the precipice of coming back from it. Tonight at the debate, though, Donald couldn’t help himself and let another example of this leave his withered, racist brain and come out of his big, fat mouth. Arguing with Biden about asylum seekers and their court cases to prove legitimacy, Trump couldn’t help himself and spouted:

“Only the reaaaaaallllllly– I hate to say this, but those with the lowest IQ. They might come back.”

Still, after all this time, he can’t help himself from being vitriolic towards people, especially minorities.  Biden’s best response came at the conclusion of the question when he simply said this: “Character is on the ballot, our character as a nation is on the ballot.” Biden went on to describe the differences between him and his opponent, about how Trump has failed even the people he isn’t racist towards.


Check out Trump’s idiocracy in action here:

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616 points
Chris Gifford