Trump Embarrasses Himself In Front Of Everyone, Praises Book That Openly Trashes Him

Trump REALLY needs to learn how to read.

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President Donald Trump has been blasted numerous times for the way he uses his Twitter account to promote the products of others. One of the ways he does this the most is by praising and sharing posts about the books of conservative authors, which he believes will make him look better. Unfortunately for Trump, this strategy backfired on him last night and it gave the entire world a laugh.

On Saturday night, Trump went on Twitter to promote Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s new book, Ship of Fools. Trump tweeted:

Congratulations to Tucker Carlson on the great success of his book, ‘Ship of Fools.’ It just went to NUMBER ONE!”

Little did Trump know, he’s just made himself look like an idiot in front of everyone. We all know the president doesn’t read, and this is a clear signal that he probably should. What Trump actually promoted was a book that is described as being about “how America’s ruling class has failed everyday Americans.”

Unlike the work by Carlson’s colleagues which kiss the president’s a*s, Ship of Fools is actually pretty critical of Trump as it outlines a selfish ruling class that created the perfect circumstances to Trump’s flawed presidency. Carlson writes that “massive inequality” made voters become “vengeful and reckless.” He wrote:

They will elect politicians like Donald Trump as a sign of displeasure. If they continue to feel ignored, they will support increasingly radical leaders, who over time will destroy the ruling class, along with everything that made it prosperous. Left untended, democracies self-destruct.”

That’s quite a different tone from many other conservative authors. Carlson also goes on to call Trump “vulgar and ignorant,” and stated that his election “was a throbbing middle finger in the face of America’s ruling class.”

Not that we think he will listen, but Trump might actually want to do a little research before promoting someone’s work next time.

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