Trump Goes Off On Female Reporter By Pointing His Finger At Her: “You Don’t Understand. I Understand Well”

He's trash.

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Look, Donald Trump certainly isn’t known for being respectful to pretty much anyone, just short of dictators he aspires to be when he grows up, rich, white donors, teenage murderers, and white police officers who shoot unarmed black men. Everyone else in the world isn’t worth any more to the President than the bubble gum stuck to the bottom of his high-heeled shoe.

However, if there’s one group of human beings that regularly find themselves on the receiving end of Donald Trump’s wrath, very publicly, no less, it’s women. More specifically, women reporters.

Now, Donnie treats all women like garbage — the guy’s been accused of rape and/or sexual assault literally dozens of times, cheated on every wife he’s ever had, and proudly bragged about grabbing women by their genitals without their consent. “Women” and “respect” just aren’t two things that go together in that guy’s Adderall-fried brain. But when you add “reporter” to that, it only gets worse.


Trump offered us a perfect example of just exactly what I mean this afternoon when he spoke with reporters in Pheonix and ended up publically and disgustingly attacking a female reporter after she asked him a question.

Try as I might, I can’t quite hear or understand what the reporter asked him that caused him to go off. But, does it really matter?

Whatever the question was, it obviously ticked Donnie off to his core as he stuck his finger out at the woman and declared in that haughty, angry tone of his, “You don’t understand. I understand well. You don’t understand, and you never have understood.”

Quite literally, it looked, sounded, and felt as though Trump was castigating a child for disobeying him. But then again, isn’t that how Trump sees all women? As children, or property — something he owns and controls.

And people wonder why he’s so bothered by Kamala.

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