Trump Goes On Manic Rant During Presser Denying The Atlantic’s Story, Makes Himself Sound Even Guiltier

This is just pathetic.

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After an exhausting day of lying and spinning by members of the entire Trump administration in both released statements and actual press briefings, Trump finally gave one final pitch to Americans on the coverage from The Atlantic that has been confirmed now by even Fox News, of all places: Please, believe me, I love the troops.

As it turns out, Trump decidedly does not love the troops.

We knew that way back during the first protracted government shutdown when he refused to pay our soldiers if Democrats didn’t agree to let him destroy Obamacare, and it’s just gotten worse since then. Donald Trump, as it was reported in the Atlantic story, simply cannot conceive of a non-transactional arrangement in his life, and so he can’t understand the very concept of volunteering for service.


Absolutely no one with half a brain doubted the story of him calling soldiers “losers” and “suckers” to begin with, but at the conclusion of his presser today — which he clearly decided to hold at the last moment in order to attempt to address this controversy — his ranting turned crazed, and the desperation was palpable. All of the old sayings came out: Hoax, third-rate newspaper, won’t be in business much longer, no collusion, fake dossier… It was a late-career greatest hits album of b-sides and bombs, but it was what he could come up with, and that would have to do for him.

The problem for Trump is, no matter what he says, he’s going to sound more guilty, because we all know that (a) he totally said all of this and (b) this is exactly what he does when he’s lying and desperate for you to believe him.

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