Trump Goes On Saturday Morning Twitter Rant, Calls On Republicans To Replace RBG’s Seat “Without Delay”

Impeached president says what?

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the trailblazing feminist icon, died at 87-years-old on Friday night. In a New York minute, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell pushed for her to be quickly replaced. And, of course, McConnell said that even though in the past he has stated five different times that a Supreme Court Justice shouldn’t be confirmed during an election year.

While Americans are reeling from RBG’s death, Donald Trump took to his Twitter account to say that her replacement should take place “without delay.” Trump is trying to rally up his base just forty-five days ahead of the election. After all, Trump’s only achievement really is with his party confirming judges, with some of them being wholly unqualified. Vice-President Mike Pence in 2018 cast the first-ever tiebreaking vote on a judicial nominee. That had never happened before.


Well, there’s always this gem:

Twitter users pounced:

Democratic nominee Joe Biden weighed in.

Republicans will go down in history as Donald Trump’s Squeaky Fromme over their complicity in enabling a dangerous president.

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