Trump Goes On Twitter During Holiday Weekend To Thank Himself For Falling Oil Prices

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

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On Sunday morning, we got another glimpse of the breakdown currently happening inside Donald Trump’s head as he got up early at his swanky Florida resort (that we just paid for him to stay at for Thanksgiving) and went straight for his unsecured cell phone to tweet yet more nonsense.

Usually, a single tweet from the President on its own isn’t necessarily newsworthy — we sometimes do a piece if he’s on a multi-tweet rant or something — but this one is particularly noteworthy in that he manages to sound like a TOTAL crazy person in just 173 characters.

It’s not unusual for Republicans to blame a Democratic president for high gas prices, then acknowledge that the president has little to do with gas prices when they start to come down under that same Democrat. That happens, in fact, with almost every economic indicator. But we’ve never had anyone claim and deny credit as frequently as Donald Trump, who will often in a single day contradict himself on which economic indicators are even important: If the Dow sets a high one night, you can expect a tweet about it in the morning; if it drops that afternoon, you can expect a tweet calling the Dow irrelevant.


We’re not even sure where to start on this one, though:

Number one, Americans don’t care about the price of oil, they care about the price of gas. The average price of gas in America right now is $2.58 — but at the beginning of Trump’s presidency, it was less than $2.40 on average. That could be because the price of oil hasn’t even dropped back down to what it was before Trump’s trade war and Saudi market manipulation raised the price to begin with.

This tweet is Trump ridiculously congratulating himself for something he has nothing to do with, and doing it in the third person, using a name literally no one uses for him.

If this isn’t bat-shit crazy, I don’t know what is.

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