Trump Had An Epic Meltdown As Democrats Destroyed His Healthcare Record During SCOTUS Hearing

Stand back, y'all. He's going all-caps on us.

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While Donald Trump feigns to support protecting those with pre-existing conditions, if successful with the Supreme Court in striking down Obamacare, the move would permanently wipe out coverage for as many as twenty-three million Americans while we’re still dealing with a raging pandemic. Trump promised an immediate viable replacement for the ACA in 2016, and now it’s nearly four years later, and the president has come up with nothing. And he keeps claiming that he’ll have an alternative plan in “two weeks,” but that hasn’t ever happened. And now, he wants you to believe that he’ll have a healthcare plan if he’s reelected, but that, too, sounds like fantasy after he failed to keep his promise.

Democratic senators unloaded on the Trump administration’s record on health care during hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, hammering the GOP for trying to push through a nominee less than a month before the court is due to hear the president-backed lawsuit aimed at overturning the entire Affordable Care Act. When she was a law professor, Barrett tried to puncture arguments favoring Obamacare.

Trump appears to have reacted after Democrats took him to him to the woodshed.


Actually, the ACA already protects pre-existing conditions.

Twitter users pounced:

It’s actually Democratic nominee Joe Biden who helped to steer through the passage of the Affordable Care Act that protected Americans from insurers denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. It’s Donald Trump that is in court trying to eradicate the ACA in its entirety, and that includes protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions.

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