Trump Has Been Warning Americans About The Dangers Of Mail-In Voting But Is Sending Out Emails Urging His Supporters To Vote By Mail

Sounds like Donnie.

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After weeks turned into months of Donald Trump attempting to set the stage for an opportunity to claim that the upcoming election was invalid after he inevitably loses, it seems that his campaign has begun embracing the very thing that he has spoken out against most sharply both in interviews and on social media: Mail-submitted ballots.

For some reason, the president has expected Americans to be dumb enough to believe that absentee voting is good but “mail-in voting” is bad — despite the fact that both are simply a mechanism for voters who can’t make it to the polls in person to cast their ballots from the safety and privacy of their homes. He has claimed without evidence on multiple occasions that mail-in voting is tantamount to election fraud, despite the fact that multiple states in the US actually have all-mail-in systems that have been in place for years without any voter fraud having been witnessed.

An eagle-eyed Biden supporter who goes by @Out5p0ken on Twitter posted a screencap of an email from the Trump campaign to Pennsylvania voters exhorting his supporters to… Wait for it… Request mail-in ballots in order to vote for his reelection remotely.


Of course, Pennsylvania is a crucial swing state for Trump’s chances at winning reelection, and polls have Joe Biden leading him there — naturally, since Joe grew up in Scranton, PA, and has an affinity with voters there unlike many recent candidates for president. It’s unsurprising that Trump would want to employ every possible method to garner as many votes as possible in a state he absolutely has to win in order to commandeer the electoral college as he did in 2016 — since his odds of winning the popular vote are slim to none.

But the hypocrisy of Trump telling his own voters to do the exact thing that he’s been railing against in public for months now is a level of desperation I’m not sure America’s seen yet in this election.

We’ll see how his plan works out for him.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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