Trump Is Apparently Still Furious The Media Didn’t Give Enough Coverage To Biden’s Stair Stumble: “If That Was Me… Career-Ending”

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Former President Donald Trump appeared to trip as he walked onto the stage at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, last year, and he also had trouble navigating down a ramp following a commencement speech at West Point in 2020. Trump, though, kept bringing it up, so it was widely reported. The twice-impeached former president complained about that during an interview with the Trump-friendly One America News Network. When Biden stumbled up the stairs of Air Force One, Trump said that “it was never in the media,” even though it was.

Trump listed his grievances, then launched a rant about the 2020 election he lost to Joe Biden in both the electoral and popular vote. The former president claimed that he could have handled the Afghanistan crisis better than Biden, even though Trump released 5,000 Taliban prisoners.

“He’s taken us out,” Trump insisted. “No, we could have gone out. We could have gone out with great dignity, and we’re saving lives and everything else, nothing to do with it. But they’re trying to protect him with that.”


Then, Trump ranted about President Biden stumbling on the stairs.

“When he fell up the stairs, fell up the stairs three times, it was not on any program,” Trump said. “If that was me, it would have been the biggest story for months, career-ending. It was never on the media, never on the mainstream media, his trip. It’s okay; you can trip. Gerald Ford tripped, by the way; he never lived it down. I would go very carefully down the stairs. I don’t want to trip. You don’t live it down with these people. With him, they never put it on.”

“Why do they protect them, and with Biden, there’s nothing — the people get it, ultimately the people get it,” he said. “I got 75 million votes,” Trump said even though he got 74 million votes, not 75 million. “I had the media totally against me, outside of yourself and a few others, I had the media against me as much as anyone has ever seen. No one has seen anything like it. I had the vicious Democrats, communists socialists, call them whatever the hell they are, or they’ll impeach you if you sneeze, and just vicious what they do, and I had big tech against me, and I was told you can’t win if you have big tech. I had 75 million votes, more than any sitting president has ever gotten. They said he had 81 million; there’s no way he got 81.”

Trump then compared the size of their rallies. However, Biden’s were intentionally small due to COVID-19 guidelines.

“I’d come into Arizona and draw 45,000 people at a rally,” Trump added. “He’d come into Arizona, and he had eight circles, and he couldn’t fill them. He had to ask the press — he didn’t ask the press because he couldn’t do that, he wouldn’t know how — but the press would be asked to fill the circles, please, because they had no people, and then I was upset in Arizona and Fox called it early when I was leading big. What did Fox know to do that?”


I think it’s adorable that the OAN host called the media “biased.” Trump still hasn’t conceded the race he lost to President Biden over eleven months ago. It’s embarrassing at this point, and it’s dangerous. As for the stairs, Trump previously mocked President Biden for tripping on the stairs, and his son Donald Trump Jr. shared an edited video of Biden stumbling.

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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