Trump Is Hawking His New Picture Book Just In Time For The Holidays And His Desperation Is Clearly On Display: “It Would Make A Fantastic Christmas Present”


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Look, things haven’t been going all that well for disgraced former guy Donald Trump here lately. He’s under investigation from every angle, multiple entities are closing in on him, and all the lawsuits and defense attorneys don’t come cheap.

Now, obviously, Trump’s not gonna go out here and get himself a 9 to 5’er, real people job to help foot these mounting bills. But, he’s gotta make some dough somehow, right?

That’s where his little picture book comes in.


I can’t imagine Donald Trump is smart enough or patient enough to pen a real book. Like, with a bunch of words and stuff. However, it looks like a book full of pictures and a handful of captions is something he can handle. Hell, some of the captions are even in his very own handwriting!

This afternoon, the ex-president released yet another new statement (What feels like his millionth just today alone) through his spokeswoman, Liz Harrington, announcing his new book, titled Our Journey Together, that’s on sale now, just in time for the holidays.

Trump describes the picture book as a “collection of beautiful photos captured during our very successful time in the White House.”

And boy, is he proud of the thing. $229 dollars for a signed copy of it proud, in fact. (A copy without the signature, that we’re sure some lowly intern just stamped into them, will only run you about 75 bucks.)

Apparently, the picture book is chock full of images of his favorite, greatest hits while in the White House — including “The Wall,” all the numerous judge confirmations, his favorite dictator meetings, and even his impeachment trials (both of them.)

Donald makes it clear in his statement that he’s peddling the over $200 book full of stupid, useless photos as a “fantastic Christmas present.” Even Liz Harrington adds in her tweet of the statement, “Get yours in time for Christmas!”

Frankly, it seems to me that Trump has just managed to find a whole new low to sink to when it comes to paying his bills that doesn’t involve getting a real-life, actual job.

Social media users weren’t any more impressed than I am:

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Buddy, you could at least try to hide your pathetic desperation a little better than that. I mean, damn.

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