Trump Jokes About Being Impeached Twice: “I Didn’t Change, I Became Worse”

The most honest thing he's said in years.

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After laying low for a few short months on the heels of his massively disgraceful departure from the White House, Donald Trump just couldn’t stand not being the center of attention any longer and has finally started to branch back out into the spotlight.

Since he no longer has access to any reputable social media platforms as a way to get his grievances all aired out and his little blog was a major, humiliating failure, Donnie has had to resort to public appearances these days to get all eyes on him — i.e. press conferences where he pretends to still be president, MAGA rallies where he pretends to still be president, and then today’s CPAC speech where, you guessed it, he’s pretending to still be the president.

As the months have passed since President Biden’s inauguration, the former guy has gotten more and more brazen and emboldened in his ridiculous lies and claims and his overall ridiculous behavior. But to be quite frank, I never expected the guy to be cracking jokes about his own impeachments — because there were multiple.


Yet, here we are, folks.

During his big speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this afternoon, Trump began to rail against his former Attorney General Bill Barr, who he’s far from happy with these days after Barr didn’t blatantly steal the 2020 presidential election for him, therefore putting him in the same ranks as Mike Pence, I guess.

Trump began to harp on Barr’s behavior surrounding Democrats’ desire to impeach him as Attorney General. According to the ex-president, this made Bill Barr change his behavior — something Trump claims he didn’t do, as he cracked a joke about being impeached by the House TWICE. 

“He became different. I understand it. I didn’t become different, I got impeached twice. I became worse,” Trump quipped in a joking tone.

Buddy, I don’t know if that’s something I’d really be cracking a joke about if I were you.

To say the least, Twitter seemed to agree with me:

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At least he told the truth for once, I guess.

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