Trump Just Lost His Cool After Seeing Nancy Pelosi’s Appearance On Fox News, Calls Her An Inherently “Dumb” Person

He can't help himself.

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Sunday morning, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on Fox News with host Chris Wallace and laid bare a pretty basic truth about President Trump: He’s really bad at his job.

That might seem like a no-brainer, but it could just be that Fox viewers needed to hear it on the station they trust so much, since everything Trump has done in response to the coronavirus outbreak has been almost entirely at the expense of the kind of people who might tune in for the kind of propaganda that’s aired on Fox.

And while it’s true that Chris Wallace has, over time, seemed to come around to the common wisdom that perhaps Trump’s decrees, declarations, and disastrous diplomacy have weakened America’s standing in the world and weakened the conservative claim to some sort of moral authority, he had yet, before today, to host a platform in which a political leader who actually sat and told his audience that Trump was weak.


As you can imagine, this didn’t sit well with the president, who watches Fox religiously just like his followers, and it didn’t take long before he took to his favorite social media platform and blasted the Speaker with a litany of ad hominem attacks and pure idiocy.

Trump quote-tweeted a message from the official account of the Republican Party that accused Democrats of playing politics with a stimulus package during the pandemic, although even that was a thin veil for the fact that Republicans themselves have crafted a package that won’t help those who need it most, and frivolously gives away billions to those that need it least.

But the message he added was the same Trump cruelty you’ve become accustomed to, attacking both the Speaker and Chris Wallace — all for the sin of pointing out his inadequacies.

Pelosi, of course, was never “overthrown” — she only ever lost her position as Speaker of the House due to change in party control.

But all of the nicknames in the world and all of the projecting about intelligence that Donald Trump can muster won’t ever mask the fact that he is exactly what she said he is: A weak leader.

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