Trump Just Posted A 28-Second Video On Twitter That Uses The Word “F*ck” Seven Times

Real mature of you, Donnie.

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Just when you think that Donald Trump can’t get any worse, he couldn’t possibly get any weirder, or cruder, or more obnoxiously shitty than he already is, he looks at Mike Pence and says, “Hold my non-alcoholic, Adderall-spiked beer.”

As we all expected, Trump’s ego went from humongous to thermo-fucking-nuclear overnight after his bro dudes in the Senate made sure he got away with his endless list of crimes and transgressions without so much as a hiccup in his trial.

To say the least, his rally tonight really showcased that newfound, extra confidence as a result of his sham trial, too.


Donald’s thinly-veiled KKK rallies that he passes off as a MAGA shindig are always ridiculous, at best. But it’s safe to say that he certainly kicked things up another notch tonight now that he’s determined that he can quite literally get away with murder at this point.

Unfortunately, Trump’s display of over-inflated cockiness didn’t end with his rally this time, either.

The guy always tends to tweet after he wraps those hillbilly family reunions up and heads back to the White House, but once again, he got a little extra this evening.

After a few barely-coherent shouty tweets, Donnie tweeted out a video that he seemingly thought was supportive of him. However… Not so much.

In the clip, the man in the car cuts off the dude on the bike, who then takes to yelling profanities at the guy until the older fellow in the car slaps his MAGA hat on, then suddenly ol’ dude on the motorcycle is nice as can be — with Donnie captioning the video with, “TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP.”

What Trump doesn’t seem to realize in that old dude in the car is actually Larry David from the show, Curb Your Enthusiasm. The entire episode from which the clip hails was centered around trolling Donald.

But wait, it gets weirder.

In the 28-second clip shared on social media by the President of the United States, the word “fuck” was used seven times. SEVEN. TIMES.

I’m not kidding. See for yourself:

It seems that Trump’s ego wasn’t the only thing to go haywire after that acquittal. His immaturity did too.

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