Trump Just Retweeted Video Of Georgetown Mayor Caught Passing Gas On Hot Mic

What. The. Hell.

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Donald Trump kicked off his weekend by regurgitating his ridiculous campaign slogan, tweeting “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and then, KEEP AMERICA GREAT!” From there, he retweeted a video Saturday morning that consisted of a Texas mayor forgetting to cut his lapel mic when he went to the bathroom and was heard ripping massive farts. We’re not sure how Trump ran across the tweet since it’s from an account that’s highly critical of him.

The 2015 video that Trump finds so hilarious, according to Time, features an embarrassing moment for Mayor Dale Ross of Georgetown, Texas, who got mic’d up for an April 28 city council meeting, but then got caught in a hot mic moment after leaving the device turned on as he went to the bathroom and let loose.

The president of the United States retweeted this:


The Twitter user who first shared the video isn’t a fan of Trump’s.

He’s not fond of Trump’s shitty family members either.

Twitter users noted the irony.

The septuagenarian former reality show star is telling potty jokes because, apparently, he doesn’t have a demanding job. What next — launching a rant about having to flush the toilet 15 times?

Featured image via screen capture

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