Trump Just Tweeted Photo That Has Social Media Wondering If He’s Completely Lost It “25th Amendment Time”

What. The. Hell.

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The septuagenarian “president” is apparently not well with his delusions of being a physically fit man even though he is obese, and Donald Trump’s diet consists of stuffing buckets of KFC in his oddly-shaped mouth. Internet users were clearly shook during Trump’s MAGA event in Florida last night when the former reality show star bragged about his “gorgeous chest.” Does he not see what the rest of us see? Apparently not.

Trump took his tiny fingers to his Twitter account to tweet out a photoshopped image featuring his crazy-time head superimposed on fictional boxer Rocky Balboa’s body to show off his chest – which is not his actual chest. And it’s not his actual vagina-shaped neck, either.


Twitter users jumped in.


Trump is a cult leader, and only his rabid base would believe that he has the chest of a prizefighter. Trump supporters think this is OK behavior for a “president” since it triggers liberals that an inept, polarizing, corrupt, and delusional “man” now holds the highest seat in the land. They sure got us there!

None of this is even mildly amusing. We’re forced each day to watch the “president’s” mental decline, and he has the nuclear codes.

Featured image via Political Tribune gallery

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