Trump Keeps Changing His Story About A Supposed Police Officer Who Thanked Him; This Is Beyond Pathetic Even For Him

Oh come ON, Donald.

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Donald Trump is that guy who tells the same story over and over, in case that has somehow missed your attention in the last two years. You know, the guy at every party who tells you about that one time he was at another party and there was a celebrity there and he had a meaningful exchange with them. Or that guy at the gym who tells you about when he benched at least 60 pounds more than whatever’s on your bar at the time he’s telling you.

You know that guy.

You always remember him because you’ve heard the same thing a million times. And really, storytelling isn’t the only area of Trump’s life that hinges on the use of familiar themes: He uses the same words — tremendous, beautiful, lightweight, very bad — to say the same things over and over. Even his Twitter endorsements of Republican candidates in the upcoming midterms seem to have a checklist he goes through before he sends the tweet: Strong on the second amendment? Check. Strong on military? Check. Borders? Check.


But there’s one humblebrag story that Trump loves to tell, and the fine folks at NowThis picked up on the repetition.

Trump tells a tale about a New York City police officer he met — not unlike the “hundreds” of parents of Korean War veterans he’s met — who very respectfully thanked him for doing such a wonderful job as President of the United States. This never-named cop goes on to tell him that his wife thinks he’s a “financial genius” because of how much his 401(k) has gone up, ostensibly thanks to Trump policies. And as the story has evolved, the percent by which this fabled law enforcement hero’s retirement has improved goes up exponentially.

Watch the montage of Trump’s pathetic excuse for a “relatable anecdote” here:

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