Trump Launches Nasty Attack Against GOP Governor Who Dared To Criticize Him, Throws His Support Behind “MAGA All The Way” Candidate As Replacement

The man has zero class.

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This evening, ex-president Donald Trump released yet another of his trademarked “official statements” (via his spokeswoman Liz Harrington, of course, because no matter how “official” he thinks he is, he’s still not allowed on Twitter.) This time, he’s throwing his not-so-special-anymore endorsement behind Maryland state delegate Dan Cox for governor in the state’s upcoming election, while simultaneously railing against the incumbent GOP governor, Larry Hogan, who dared to criticize him, as well as Hogan’s pick to replace him, as he rounds out his term limit.

“Dan is MAGA all the way — unlike his opponent, Kelly Schultz, who was handpicked by her ‘boss,’ RINO Larry Hogan, who has been terrible for our Country and is against the America First Movement,” Trump penned in his diary official statement.

The disgraced former guy goes on to add that Cox “fought against the Rigged Presidential Election every step of the way.”


A recent report from LGBTQ Nation claimed Cox personally chartered three buses to help transport Trump supporters to the infamous January 6th “Stop The Steal” Trump rally, that ultimately devolved into the Capitol insurrection. Cox later allegedly tried to blame the Capitol riot on an Antifa false flag operation.

Cox is also reportedly a former member of the Alliance Defending Freedom — a staunchly anti-gay legal organization that has been classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, thanks in large part to the leaders’ heinous remarks comparing homosexuality to pedophilia.

Frankly, it makes perfect sense why Trump likes him so much.

Hogan, who has no choice but to leave office next year due to reaching his term limit, recently spoke with Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel and said he’s really not at all concerned about Trump throwing his endorsement behind candidates he’s not fond of. “I ran 45 points ahead of him,” Hogan said, “so it doesn’t really matter what he thinks.”

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