Trump Lawyers Reportedly Warn If Witnesses Get Called In Impeachment Trial, It Will Get “Real Ugly, Real Quick” And They Would Retaliate By Calling Nancy Pelosi

Just what is that supposed to mean?

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Despite their desperate efforts to save their former dear leader from the fiery pits of conviction in his now second impeachment trial, pretty much the entirety of the Republican party in the Senate, as well as Trump’s own legal team, know that Donnie boy made a big, big boo-boo this time around.

Frankly, the Ukraine thing was bad enough, what with attempting to extort a whole entire foreign country for some dirt on the guy he knew was about to beat him. But, it just didn’t seem to hit home for a whole lot of people. Possibly because it just didn’t feel like it had anything to do with them. However, this go around Trump shit the bed right on American soil when he incited a violent insurrection against the nation’s Capitol that took the lives of five human beings, in an attempt to delay his big loss from being official when Congress confirmed the Electoral College votes.

For hundreds of thousands of Americans, that hit home this time. And Trump’s team knows it.


As a result of that, the GOP and his team of attorneys that he barely managed to scrape together have been desperately trying everything they can think of to turn this impeachment trial into a massive joke. First, it was an effort to deem the trial unconstitutional, and once that didn’t work, it’s a desperate attempt to prevent witnesses from being called.

Today, POLITICO’s Kyle Cheney is reporting that one member of Donald Trump’s legal team has issued what feels like a thinly-veiled threat, warning House impeachment managers that should they decide to call witnesses, this trial will get “real ugly, real quick.”

Specifically, the source said, GOP senators would attempt to retaliate by trying to call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and attempt to blame them for the late arrival of D.C. National Guard to control the attack, despite the fact that every reputable report to cover the riots states that Trump himself was the one reluctant to send the Guard in against his supporters.

Cheney does not that this tactic would likely be resoundingly unsuccessful for Republicans, as witness submissions from either side require a majority vote in the Senate, so Democrats would have some control regarding who is allowed to give testimony.

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Thus far, only a handful of senators have expressed a desire to hear from witnesses in the trial. Should impeachment managers decide against calling witnesses, the vote on Donald Trump’s conviction could happen as early as today.

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