Trump Loses His Cool At Reporter During Presser Over Governor Testing, Tells Him To Be “Quiet” And Calls Him A “Loud Mouth,” Threatens To Leave The Briefing

This has gotten out of hand.

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Donald Trump is currently neck-deep in yet another of his Coronavirus Task Force briefings. However, this time it’s a whole lot less “task force” and a whole lot more “just Donald.”

Frankly, these shindigs of his were never what I’d call “good” in any way. From the very start, they’ve honestly been nothing but a hot mess full of rotten word salad from Trump, copious amounts of gag-inducing brown-nosing from Mike Pence, and two minutes of legitimate answers from Dr. Fauci, if we’re lucky.

However, as the days continue to pass and Trump still isn’t allowed to hold himself a big ol’ MAGA rally full of folks with a collective IQ equal to a shoe size, these briefings of his just seem to get worse and worse as he attempts to make do with what he’s got and turn a briefing about a global pandemic into a Trump rally.


It seems his biggest issue in doing so, though, is the media.

When Trump holds a rally in the middle of God-only-knows-where MAGA country, he’s got a room full of folks who adore him, a few cameras in the risers, and a team of security who are ready and willing to boot any and every individual who dare not stroke his ego.

During these COVID-19 briefings… He does not.

And in case you hadn’t noticed yet, the media is not something Donald Trump has ever taken well to.

He doesn’t like to be challenged or questioned in any way, and considering the fact that he continues to muck up his response to this outbreak in every conceivable way, it’s safe to say that’s happening a lot these days.

And BOY, is it making him cranky.

During today’s presser, which was held on the White House lawn, Trump found himself rather miffed with CNN analyst and White House correspondent for Playboy Brian Karem.

Karem was brave enough to confront Donald over his willingness to blame this whole mess on the WHO while hundreds of thousands of people across the nation still can’t get testing for coronavirus.

Unsurprisingly, Trump did not take well to it.

The president responded to the question by unloading on the poor reporter, screaming, “Quiet. Quiet. Quiet. The governors are doing the testing. It’s now not up, and it hasn’t been up, to the federal government. If you keep talking, I’ll leave… Just a loudmouth,” before turning to take a question from someone else.

No. I’m not kidding. See for yourself:

Seriously, folks. “King Trump” is trending for a reason. He wants to be Kim Jong Un so bad he can taste it.

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