Trump Loses His Cool, Fires Back At WSJ Editorial Board After They Urged The GOP To Move On From Former President

He is a child. An angry child.

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Donald Trump certainly didn’t appreciate the Wall Street Journal’s scathing editorial for calling on Republicans to abandon the former president once and for all. The op-ed asks in its lede, “If he was so great politically for the GOP, why is the party now out of power?” And that’s true since Democrats kept the House, took control of the Senate, and the White House during Trump’s one-term in office.

In a statement released Thursday, Trump accused the Wall Street Journal of supporting “globalist policies such as bad trade deals, open borders, and endless wars,” according to The Hill. The WSJ is a conservative paper, but OK.

“They fight for RINOS that have so badly hurt the Republican Party,” Trump said. “That’s where they are and that’s where they will always be. Fortunately, nobody cares much about The Wall Street Journal editorial anymore. They have lost great credibility.”


Trump also blamed Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, on Thursday for the loss of two Republican Senate seats to Democrats, according to the outlet.

“This latter point was used against our Senators and the $2,000 will be approved anyway by the Democrats who bought the Georgia election—and McConnell let them do it!” Trump insisted. “Even more stupidly, the National Republican Senatorial Committee spent millions of dollars on ineffective TV ads starring Mitch McConnell, the most unpopular politician in the country, who only won in Kentucky because President Trump endorsed him. He would have lost badly without this endorsement.”

The WSJ knocked CPAC in its opinion piece.

“As for Republicans and Mr. Trump, the future isn’t as clear as the press and the former President would like. The CPAC crowd cheered his speech, which was largely a collection of greatest political hits. But if CPAC represented America, Mr. Trump would still reside in the White House, not Mar-a-Lago,” the editorial board wrote. “He lost to Joe Biden, the old Democratic war horse, by seven million votes. He also lost five states he carried in 2016, even Georgia.”

“We welcome the debate, but if 2020 was so fabulous, why are Republicans shut out of power up and down Pennsylvania Avenue?” the op-ed asks.

That really got to Trump, the former president that tried to cling to power so much that he incited the deadly insurrection to overturn the election results.

You can read the full op-ed here.

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