Trump Made His Proclamation For Veterans Day And Got Absolutely Shredded: “Did You Visit The Graves Of The Five Soldiers Who Took Your Place In Vietnam”

Something tells me that is not the response he was hoping for.

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Today, Donald Trump made his first public appearance in several days since losing the election to now President-Elect Joe Biden when he showed up to the ceremony at the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier at Arlington Cemetary for Veteran’s Day — I suppose he felt he should make an appearance for all those “losers and suckers,” huh?

During the event, Donald seemed a bit out of sorts. He was somewhat wobbly and fidgety and behaved as though he’d really rather be anywhere but there. Much like a toddler at a revival church service if you ask me. But nevertheless, he was there. He did the thing.

And despite multiple reports indicating that Trump has all but deserted his day job, reportedly refusing to take place in normal presidential duties with all his focus tuned in on this election fiasco, it seems that Donnie was all for the Veteran’s Day plans, likely because he got to make a “Proclamation” that made him feel special again.

This afternoon, Trump took his Twitter account to release his Veteran’s Day Proclamation.

The Proclamation itself was pretty standard. But given that it came from a serial draft-dodger who allegedly referred to veterans as “losers and suckers,” it comes as no surprise that Americans didn’t take well to it:

I know you’re just out here looking for a crumb of validation after being publicly declared a big, fat loser. But you really should’ve sat this one out, Donnie boy.

Featured image via Flickr/The White House

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