Trump May Panic As He’s Put Under Lockdown Order After Protests Erupt Around White House

He's got to be sh*tting himself.

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Donald Trump did not help the matter as protests and riots against the murder of George Floyd by Minnesota police officers gripped the nation amid the pandemic. Instead of calming an already distressed country, Trump exacerbated the situation. The country is already mourning the loss of more than one hundred thousand American lives, but police officers took one more life, and it reached a boiling point.

After so many African-Americans have been killed at the hands of police officers in this country, Republicans, conservatives, and this president failed to hear the voices of protesters. Well, now they’re at Donald Trump’s doorstep, and the White House is on lockdown. They have a message for Trump, and the president deserves it after he tried to incite more violence in an already volatile situation.

One message was clear: “Fuck Trump,” and the president won’t be able to miss it — as it sprayed across the building outside the White House.



And some protesters are yelling out “Fuck Trump”:

Reporters are stuck inside with the president:

Donald Trump is stuck inside with the very individuals that he referred to as “the enemy of the people.” I’d say that karma is at work here. Despite people saying that karma is a bitch, I disagree. She’s a mirror. A big beautiful mirror. Go on, Trump, call these protesters “sons of bitches,” too, just like you did with black athletes. Go out on the street and yell it from your swollen orange mouth-hole.

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