Trump Mocked Amy Klobuchar’s Presidential Announcement In The Snow, Her Response Is EPIC

She's off to a pretty awesome start.

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Donald Trump’s addled brain has left in it only room for a few things these days: The handful of words and phrases he recycles, the names of at least two of his children, the entire plot of Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado, insults, and jokes about climate change.

The President managed to jam three of those things into a single tweet on Sunday after Senator Amy Klobuchar stood before a crowd of hundreds in Minnesota’s famously snowy weather to announce her candidacy for the 2020 presidential campaign.


Oddly, I’m not sure there’s room in that brain for the definition of “blizzard,” because there was nothing “virtual” about it. Flurries, freezing temperatures — it was an actual blizzard. And yeah, I guess we can spend a minute on how dumb he is for still not knowing the difference between weather and climate, as long as we don’t have to go through the science again. Okay, ready to move on? I am, because after Senator Klobuchar finished up her rally in one of the ten coldest cities in America, she clapped back hard enough to feel like freezer burn:

Can she – can you DO that? Can you just absolutely wreck a President of the United States on Twitter, like, is that legal? She’s the ranking member of the Senate Rules Committee, so I guess I’ll just have to trust her expertise, but holy cow — talk about going for the jugular with Trump. She might as well have tweeted about how massive a standard pocket comb looks in his tiny hands when he’s trying to fix his mop of unruly straw in bad weather. Or maybe about the fact that he disrespected the dead soldiers of World War One while he was in France for Memorial Day because he didn’t even want to get his hair wet.

The man has no grasp of science, it’s true. It’s almost more tragic that he can’t grasp irony, though. Guess there’s no space in that brain of his.

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