Trump Officially Confirms That He Will Not Be Attending Joe Biden’s Inauguration, As Reports Claim Kimberly Guilfoyle Advised Him Not To

Oh, this poor punkin'.

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We’re pretty sure that most people didn’t think that Donald Trump would attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20th after the outgoing president received a massive narcissistic injury. Trump has just confirmed that on Twitter after conceding to Biden on Thursday after being pressured by his aides following the domestic terrorist activity we all witnessed at the Capitol on the president’s behalf.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins gave us some insight into who urged Trump not to attend the inauguration after asking people whether to or not. Apparently, Trump can’t even make that simple decision himself, even though Biden and former President Barack Obama attended his inauguration.

Trump is just not a classy guy. Instead, he’s a dangerous buffoon.

Twitter users weighed in.

Trump has spent four long years traumatizing this country, but the insurrection on our nation’s Capitol was too much. We need to heal, and to me, the only way to do that is to impeach this abusive president again, so he can’t run for office in 2024. So, I don’t really give a damn if he goes to the inauguration or not. I’d prefer to see him on trial for inciting the insurrection and the over three hundred and sixty-five Americans that died on his watch.

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