Trump On His Coronavirus Experience: “I Have Doctors, They Want To Touch Every Single Part Of My Body”

The doctors wanted to do what?!

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Donald Trump has been holding rallies every day recently, increasing to multiple rallies a day, much to my dismay. You might be surprised that during a lot of these rallies, he repeats the same shtick and lies, it’s his stand-up routine of bullshit and some people eat it up. Ever the showman, though, he tries new material every so often and his newest is both mind-boggling and gag-worthy.

Trump has recently gotten over his COVID-19 and the truly unfortunate thing about that is the danger that he puts other people in. His ego combined with his political desire to downplay this virus has sent him on a mission since his recovery — he is using every chance he gets to say he’s recovered easily.

His latest rally quip ties into this. At his Wisconsin rally today, Trump told a story to the crowd, “I’m lying in bed, not feeling too great. And I’m looking up, and I see doctors out — I just — please will you just leave me alone. And each one of them wanted to touch a different part of my body. And I didn’t like that. I said, get the hell outa here, doctors!”


Trump’s trip to Walter Reed has been shrouded in mystery, and this doesn’t do anything but make us ask more questions. Why exactly did Trump’s doctors all want to examine him? Perhaps they were wondering how something is still alive with so much hate and bile coursing through its veins.

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596 points
Chris Gifford