Trump Points To A Person In The Crowd And Says “Are You Mexican? Are You? It’s Like Elizabeth Warren. She Said She Was An Indian”

What. The. Hell.

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After a thoroughly embarrassing meeting with pharmaceutical executives at the White House on Monday over concerns about a possible pandemic with the coronavirus,  Donald Trump held a rally in Charleston, North Carolina. For some reason, the president thinks his supporters are immune from the deadly COVID-19 virus at his events. So, unsurprisingly, Trump continued to go off the rails.

Trump, who has been on the job for three years now, continued to relive his victory over Hillary Clinton, telling the crowd, “How great was the 2016 election?!” At one point, after raging against Democrats, and calling for his presidential election opponents to be impeached, racist grandpa Donald Trump zeroed in on one of his supporters in the crowd.

“This guy — he’s a Mexican,” Trump said while pointing to someone in the crowd. “You’re about as Mexican as I am. Look at this guy. Are you Mexican? Are you? He is. It’s like Elizabeth Warren. She said she was an Indian.”



Trump ran out of Democrats, and his critics to bash, so he turned on one of his own supporters while the crowd seemed to laugh in the background nervously. That was their moment to realize that the fuckhead will target them, too, but they appeared to be OK with it somehow and remained seated. I get it — it’s not easy to leave when you’re in an abusive relationship, but come on, it’s been three years now.

Trump has always displayed hatred toward Mexico. In 2014, he took to his Twitter account to call Mexico our enemy.

Someone responded:

Last year, a Trump supporter said the quiet part out loud. “I voted for him,” she said. “I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.” The rest of us, though, knew the unhinged president would attack anyone on a whim. No one is safe from his wrath. But it’s interesting that she thought it’s Trump’s job to hurt other Americans.

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