Trump Rages Against Against “Stupid F*cker” Mitch McConnell In Brutal 5-Hours Of Interviews

Oh, dear God.

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I don’t know about you, but there’s not a single thing in this world that I could steadily talk about for a full 5 hours — especially not myself. In fact, anyone who can spend a full 5 hours yammering about themselves is likely in desperate need of serious, immediate mental health attention. And in comes Donald Trump.

If there’s anyone on the face of this earth who not only could absolutely spend 5 hours talking about themselves but is also in dire need of immediate mental help, it’s the one-term, twice-impeached former guy.

Recently, Trump sat down for 5 hours worth of interviews with right-wing host of The Federalist, Mollie Hemingway — in which he absolutely raged against many of his fellow Republicans.


During the interviews, Donald set his sights on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, referring to the KY senator as a “stupid f*cker” before going on to call him “a disgrace to the Republican Party.”

“He’s gutless. He should have fought for us on the rigged election,” Trump ranted, referring to his desperate efforts to remain in office for an additional term, despite losing the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden. “Can you imagine Schumer saying ‘We have to declare Trump the winner to get the country going’?”

Actually, I guess Trump missed it or forgot, but that’s precisely what Schumer did when Trump won against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“The problem with the Republicans is they don’t know who to fight,” the disgraced former guy continued to complain.

Ultimately, it wasn’t just Mitch who found themselves the subject of Donald’s ire throughout the interviews. Trump went on to describe former Sen. Ben Sasse as a “terrible senator” who’s “actually stupid” and a “loser.”

He also had to make sure he shared his thoughts on the recent news that House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is reportedly living with conservative pollster Frank Luntz.

“Uh, that Luntz thing is weird, right? What’s that all about?” Trump stated. “I don’t think it’s a romance. I think it’s just, they know each other or something. I can’t imagine. I don’t think — I mean, if you’re thinking it — but it is weird.”

“You know, we’re past the age of roommates. You don’t do that,” he added, as though his opinion on others’ living arrangements matters in the slightest.

5 hours, guys. 5. Hours.

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