Trump Rages Against Social Media Platform After They Upheld His Ban, Seemed To Forget Who He Is: “Free Speech Has Been Taken Away From The President Of The United States”

Cry more.

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Predictably, former President Donald Trump responded to the news that Facebook is upholding the ban on his account. The oversight board asked that Facebook complete the review within six months, so it’s not a permanent ban. Trump was deplatformed for inciting the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection, and he has continued with the same rhetoric that resulted with supporters of the former president storming the U.S. Capitol. Trump didn’t take the news of the ban very well.

“What Facebook, Twitter, and Google have done is a total disgrace and an embarrassment to our Country,” Trump wrote. “Free Speech has been taken away from the President of the United States because the Radical Left Lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever before.”

Actually, though, Joe Biden is the President of the United States. Sure, past U.S. leaders are addressed as presidents, but Trump seems a bit confused in that statement. But, there’s more.


“The People of our Country will not stand for it!” Trump added. “These corrupt social media companies must pay a political price, and must never again be allowed to destroy and decimate our electoral process.”

Twitter users weighed in:

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Well, Trump once again is wrong. We are not entitled to free speech on social sites. There are rules, and if you break them, they ban you. It’s simple, really. Go cry on your new blog, dude.

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