Trump Reportedly Shrugged Off The Idea Of Melania Leaving Him Over His Infidelities: “I Can Always Get Another Wife”

This is just plain gross.

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At this point, if you aren’t aware of Donald Trump’s disgusting exploitation of women, you’ve clearly been living under a rock. As though the now-legendary Access Hollywood tape wasn’t enough, there have been countless accusations of sexual misconduct against him, he’s been tied to the exploits of notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and the mother of three of his kids once said that he’d actually raped her.


In fact, for a man as physically repulsive as Donald Trump is, a surprising amount of his public life has centered around women or girls and sex: Beauty pageants, casually sexist remarks in public for 40 years, and the cheating, good lord, the cheating. Trump cheated on his first wife Ivana with his second, Marla, and on his second with his third, Melania, and despite having actually married the third one — a supermodel from Eastern Europe — he cheated on her as well, at least twice that literally everyone in the world knows about.

Including Melania.

It was unclear whether he’d actually done the cheating he was accused of, and accused of covering up with “hush money,” until America actually saw checks signed by Trump in the amounts he was alleged to have paid to buy the silence of Stormy Daniels, a legendary adult film actress and director, and Karen McDougal, a Playboy centerfold.

But according to the new tell-all Disloyal by Trump’s former “fixer” attorney Michael Cohen, it sounds like Trump was never actually worried about what might happen if Melania found out.

In fact, the pattern of his life spells out exactly that kind of attitude — chauvinism and narcissism — in moving from one conquest to the next. But by the time Trump married Melania, he was nearly 60 years old. One might have expected the cavalier perspective to fade a bit at such an advanced age.

Not so, says Cohen:

‘His attitudes came from a different era, more like the Rat Pack of the 1950s and he never took seriously the need to respect women. If he ever got caught cheating and Melania threatened to leave him he wouldn’t be upset or hurt at the loss, and I suspect she knew it. The relationship was just another deal, plain and simple.

‘I can always get another wife’, Trump told me. ‘That’s no problem for me, if she wants to go, so be it’.”

I wonder if Melania’s bought a copy of Disloyal yet.

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