Trump Reportedly Stunned His Aides When He Made An Insane Air Force One Offer To Kim Jong Un

This is horrifying, even for him.

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There was so much about the Trump presidency that just spit in the face of tradition and the overall natural order of things in this nation. Not even taking into account Trump’s record-breaking levels of selfishness, racism, and sexual assault allegations against him, Donald had a real tendency to try to just do this whole president thing however he felt like at the moment. Through his entire 4-year term, traditional press briefings only became a thing during the last few months; he made a bad habit out of hiring and firing people within his administration as though he were some makeshift temp service or this was a bad episode of The Apprentice; his relationship with his fellow world leaders was the most strained and terrible relationship we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

That is, at least, with the ones he didn’t love and admire.

To be quite frank, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I were to learn that Donald Trump had a secret room in the White House dedicated to the most heinous, awful, sickening dictators this world has to offer. While Trump’s relationship with our allied leaders such as Canada’s Justin Trudeau or Britain’s Theresa May was strained and mediocre at best, Donald was proud of the relationship he had with the world’s most evil, such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jung Un.


Trump would regularly brag about the close, dear to his heart relationships he enjoyed with these literal dictators, often behaving as though he quite literally looked up to them. All while our actual allies struggled to even hold a conversation with him.

Donald’s preference when it comes to world leaders has never been made more clear than the revelation that’s now made its way into the spotlight thanks to a bombshell report from BBC.

According to the report, then-President Donald Trump made an extremely strange offer to the North Korean dictator during their 2019 Hanoi summit — and it involved Air Force One.

Matthew Pottinger, the top Asia expert on Trump’s National Security Council, told BBC, “President Trump offered Kim a lift home on Air Force One.”

The offer alone is weird enough. But, to make the situation even more peculiar, the conversation between the two countries had just broken down over Pyongyang’s nuclear program. But nevertheless, as Trump was preparing to leave, he offered the cruel North Korean dictator a ride on the most famous and most secure aircraft in the world.

“The president knew that Kim had arrived on a multi-day train ride through China into Hanoi and the president said: ‘I can get you home in two hours if you want,’” Pottinger revealed. “Kim declined.”

According to the report from BBC, Trump’s aide were “stunned” at the offer; as are we.

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