Trump Responds To Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 Bid, Has The Audacity To Question Her Mental Health

This just proves he's insane.

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Much of America was overjoyed when Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) announced she might run for president in 2020, knowing that she would obliterate Trump with ease. Of course, there was one person who absolutely hated this idea — the president himself.

On New Year’s Eve, Trump used an interview with Fox News’s Pete Hegseth to mock Warren and try to unsuccessfully convince America he wasn’t terrified of her. What Trump actually said was insane, as the most mentally unhinged POTUS in history actually questioned Warren’s mental fitness for the Oval Office.

During the interview with Hegseth, Trump trashed Warren shortly after she’d announced that she was launching her exploratory committee for the presidency. Trump mocked the Senator, suggesting that she would be easy to beat:


Well, I’m happy about it. I think she’ll be wonderful. I hope she maybe gets the nomination. That would be a wonderful thing for me.”

Then Trump said he didn’t know if she thought she was a real contender for the presidency. Questioning her mental health, the president said:

You’d have to ask her psychiatrist.”

To hear this from a man who refuses to give America a real mental and physical health evaluation is ridiculous. The president made many more deranged statements, even claiming that Democrats think he has a second term coming his way. Trump said:

I think based on record I’m going to win also. I think we’re going to win big.”

Trump also took the opportunity to brag about the military and the unemployment rate. He said:

When you look at all of the things we’ve done for building up our military and all of the things, I don’t think if you go just based on the record, I don’t see how anybody wins. We’ve done a lot.”

Trump is clearly delusional and is the only one at this point who actually has full faith in his presidency. We all know that Warren would crush him if they went head to head in 2020 — and Trump has a harsh reality check coming if he doesn’t wise up.

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