Trump Responds To New Arizona Audit Findings, Humiliates Himself Even More

Dude, just stop it already.

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Here we are, nearly a year later, and wouldn’t you know — Donald Trump still can’t get over the fact that he’s a big, fat loser.

Even since November of last year, disgraced former President Trump has been desperately trying to somehow prove that he’s not a pathetic loser. Yet, over and over again, all his attempts just keep making things worse for himself.

Much like this.


Trump has made a habit of demanding election audits all across the nation in the states he lost to President Biden (and even some that he won, for God only knows what reason.) But every single time, it never works out in his favor and he’s left holding the bag, trying to come up with an explanation for why all this evidence he’s claiming exists can’t actually be produced in any tangible way.

Today, the former guy released the following statement after the audit in Arizona that, wouldn’t you know, didn’t produce good results for him:

Lo and behold, yet again, his ” undeniable evidence of FRAUD” is nowhere to be found.

And, frankly, he knows it, even if he won’t admit it.

Yesterday, he released this statement, only to delete it from his website when the Arizona auditors determined that he’s every bit as full of shit as he’s always been:

To say the very least, social media users are giving him the hell he deserves:

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It’s time to give it up, dude. High time.


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