Trump Responds To Savannah Guthrie’s Performance During Town Hall And He’s Clearly Not Happy: “I Had Somebody Going Totally Crazy Last Night”

Saw that coming from a mile away.

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Last night, President Donald Trump and former Vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden held simultaneous town halls. The events took place after Trump announced he was positive for the potentially deadly coronavirus on the heels of the first presidential debate. The next debate was scheduled to take place last night. However, the Biden team was not willing to participate unless the event was made virtual, due to Trump’s infection. Of course, Donald downright refused to participate in a virtual debate, leading to the event being canceled altogether.

As a result of the cancelation, Biden scheduled a town hall with voters on ABC. Refusing to be “one-upped” by the guy who’s about to destroy him in the impending election, Trump unsurprisingly scheduled a town hall on the same exact night, at the same exact time as his opponent’s, on a different network.

To say the very least, last night’s competing town halls were very much a preview of two very different Americas.


Biden was his usual calm, cool, and collected self while Trump was his usual dumpster fire.

Leading up to the event, Trump spent a majority of yesterday on Twitter trashing the network he was about to appear on. And host Savannah Guthrie seemed to take the approach “I’ll give you something to whine about” as soon as the event got started.

There’s no other way to put it, folks. She destroyed him.

So, suffice it to say, we knew we’d be hearing straight from the jackass’s mouth at some point today about the proverbial ass whooping he got on stage last night.

During one of his three events he has on the schedule for today, Trump finally cracked and dove into his diatribe against Today host Guthrie.

Trump started in sarcastically talking about what a “great evening” he had last night, before saying, “I had somebody going totally crazy last night.”

He doubled down on his attacks against her during his Florida rally this evening:

Donnie has never been a fan of powerful women. Frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t say worse.

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