Trump Seemed To Short Circuit On The Word “Illegal” And Bragged About The Drugs He Was Given In The Hospital During FL Rally

Oof. That was a doozy.

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Ever since his release from Walter Reed Medical Center, where he was repeatedly dosed with God only knows what in an effort to treat his infection with the potentially deadly coronavirus, the American people and several key figures in government alike have been suspicious of what all those treatments and medications will mean for a guy that already allegedly has a drug problem.

We know that Trump was treated with copious amounts of steroids, which have a laundry list of nasty side effects, many related to mental acuity and emotional control, as well as several different controversial and experimental treatments for the virus, with side effects we’re not even fully aware of.

Now, there’s no way to verify any of Trump’s medical information. It’s confidential and transparency is the last thing we can expect from this administration. However, there’s simply no denying that the guy’s been a little… Extra, lately.


For one, he seems to suddenly have the energy of a toddler after a Halloween candy bender — he’s had public events/rallies every single day this week, with three on the schedule today alone. And his speech, which already left a lot to be desired, seems to be getting crazier.

During his second shindig of the day, a MAGA rally in Florida, Trump seemed to be super erratic and manic and ended up tripping on the word “illegal” in a bad kind of way:

To make the whole thing a little weirder still, Trump bragged about the drugs he was given in the hospital just shortly after his serious stumble.

“I don’t know what the hell they gave me, but I’ll take some more of it right now,” Trump declared, going on to brag about the Regeneron treatment he received at Walter Reed.

Again, God only knows what Trump is on, has been on, will be on, or what the source of his apparent mania is. All I know is — he’s the last guy on earth with even an inch of room to talk about Biden’s mental clarity.

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