Trump Seemingly Threatened To Issue An Executive Order To Keep Biden From Being Elected President — Unclear If He Was Serious

He really has NO shame at this point.

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It’s certainly no secret that, as the election rapidly approaches, Donald Trump has become more and more hair-brained and downright desperate in pretty much every regard.

As he and his team continue to ignore the severity of the deadly virus that is still very much running rampant throughout this country, Trump has doubled and even tripled down on his ridiculous rallies, holding one almost daily at this point in various different locations across the nation, in an attempt to somehow garner the support he so desperately needs.

And not only has the regularity of these thinly-veiled KKK rallies gotten worse in the past few weeks, the content of them has, as well.


Trump’s display of desperation isn’t only evident in his schedule, it’s clearly evident in his behavior and rhetoric, as well — which, let’s face it, was already pretty rough.

However, during his recent campaign rally in Fayetteville, N.C., Donald may have finally, officially tipped over into complete authoritarian-ship.

Trump wasted no time in ramping up his disgusting and baseless attacks against his Democratic opponent, former Vice President and Democratic nominee, Joe Biden. Throughout the course of the night, Trump referred to Biden as the “dumbest of all candidates” and doubled down on his baseless claims regarding Biden being on some sort of performance-enhancing drug, claiming, “they gave him a big fat shot in the ass… and for two hours, he is better than ever before. Problem is, what happens after that?”

But perhaps the worst of the worst came when seemed to threaten to sign an executive order that would ban Biden from becoming president.

“You can’t have this guy as your president,” Donald declared from the stage. “You can’t have — maybe I’ll sign an executive order, you cannot have him as your president.”

Now, it’s unclear whether or not he was serious. But, either way, he can’t really do that. However, there’s no denying that many prominent figures in government have expressed serious concerns over Trump’s apparent unwillingness to follow through with a peaceful transition of power. And quips like that are only further proof that we’re very likely to be staring down a big issue in November.

Featured image via Flickr/The White House 

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