Trump Seems To Make A Pretty Awkward Comment About Including Son Barron As Part Of His Family

Well, Barron's middle name isn't Donald, so I guarantee his dad doesn't know it.

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I can’t imagine how Trump could possibly make it any plainer that he has no “normal” family dynamic in terms of his relationships not just with his wife, but with all and each of his children.

His preference among his sons is clear — he likes the one named after him better. The other one, Eric, is always consigned to the minor news and rarely has a place of honor at all in the family. His daughter Ivanka is clearly his favorite of all the children, and his all-too-physical contact with her has been a source of dismay for onlookers for years. His daughter Tiffany suffered the public embarrassment of finding out through a drunken aide that her dad didn’t like being photographed with her because of her weight.

And then there’s Barron.


We did a piece here on Political Tribune about the fact that Trump went to the Super Bowl without his youngest son — and the fact that we thought that was a travesty. What teen boy wouldn’t jump at the chance to see the biggest sporting event of the year?

And even before that, we published a piece on the fact that Trump once said he might “not even see the kid” in an interview beside his wife before she got pregnant with Barron.

It turns out, that may just be the case because he seems to forget that his youngest son is even part of the family.

During a speech Trump gave in response to his impeachment (because we all knew that was coming) he made the oddest reference to Barron that we’ve heard yet. He “apologized” to his family for the impeachment process, and as he was doing so, listed his sons — and then threw in Barron. Like, as though Barron wasn’t one of his sons, but instead just also another child of his.

I want to apologize to my family for having them have to go through a phony, rotten deal by some very evil and sick people. And Ivanka is here, and my sons, and my whole family. And that includes Barron.”

He tells Barron to stand for everyone, and then he calls IVANKA to the stage to hug her. Not Barron. Who he just singled out.

Just super bizarre and in no way any kind of normal for any dad ever in the history of dads.

Watch the peculiar scene here:

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