Trump Sent Out An “Official” Poll About President Biden, But Both Answers Linked Directly To His Fundraising Page

This is just pathetic, dude.

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Folks, in case you hadn’t noticed, disgraced ex-president Donald Trump is still as desperate as he’s ever been — not just for people to share in his hate for President Biden and his love and admiration for himself, but for money.

I guess social media lawsuits and brutal investigations aren’t cheap these days; which brings me to my point.

According to a new report from Business Insider, former President Donald Trump recently sent an email out to his supporters that featured an “official poll”, asking readers whether or not they supported Biden’s Cuba policies. However, both the “yes” and the “no” answers in the poll ultimately linked directly to Trump’s Save America PAC fundraising page.


The email came on the heels of Cuban citizens staging a mass protest over the weekend against the country’s communist government. Crowds marched through the streets of Cuba demanding more freedom and improved economic conditions in their country.

In the email sent out by the former president yesterday, he asked, “Do you agree that Joe Biden MUST stand up to Cuba’s Communist regime?”

However, the poll was little more than a scheme to pull in more cash donations for the ex-president, as no matter which option you chose in response to the answer, both linked to the Save America political action committee fundraising page, urging users to make a donation, along with a peculiar 10-minute countdown timer. Save America is a PAC used by Donald Trump to fund his political activities.

“I stand with the Cuban people 100% in their fight for freedom,” the beginning of the email reads before Trump goes on to say that President Biden “MUST stand up to the Communist regime or history will remember” — despite the fact that, up until just recently, Biden’s policies in Cuba have essentially just been a continuation of what was in place during Trump’s term.

Honestly, we’re still struggling to see the connection between the goings-on in Cuba, or President Biden’s response to it, and Trump’s need to fundraise. However, that’s never really stopped the former guy before, as he’s pretty infamous for trying to connect live political issues to his own fundraising ever since he left the White House at the beginning of this year.

Trump just announced his big lawsuit against “Big Tech” last week after spending most of last month trying to prod his supporters into footing the bill for it. Trump claimed he was “SUING Facebook, Twitter, and Google for unconstitutionally censoring ME and other conservatives around the Nation.”

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This is far from the only ploy the ex-president has used to get his supporters to open their wallets and pocketbooks, as his fundraising tactics recently came under scrutiny after a New York Times report busted him and his campaign for duping supporters into far larger donations than they had intended.

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