Trump Shared A Video That Showed His Supporter Claiming “The Only Good Democrat Is A Dead Democrat”

Trump has been sowing violence against his opponents for a long time.

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Back in May, Otero County Commissioner of New Mexico and “Cowboys for Trump” founder, Couy Griffin, garnered infamy during an appearance at the New Hope Revival Church when he suggested that Democrats should be killed.

“I’ve come to a place where I’ve come to the conclusion that the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,” he shouted to the crowd of religious zealots, claiming that he was joking and doesn’t mean it literally. It is pretty obvious though, especially with recent events, that more and more extremists truly do mean that.


Trump himself has both promoted a video of people cheering for dead Democrats and called for the “liberation” of Democratic-run states and cities — which makes his calling for the “Trump Army” to stand guard as poll watchers a dangerous sentiment. He is probably hoping the threat of possible violence will intimidate people from voting because that is statistically the only way he can win this upcoming election.

These fascist tactics are the only way he can conceivably stay in power and as we lead up to a tumultuous presidential election it is more important than ever to stay vigilant. Just like social media users were against this instance, it is important that we never accept this sort of insinuation of violence.

Trump may seem like a doofus, but his steps at building up violence towards his opposition have been cold and calculated. Don’t think for a second he won’t escalate things if he needs to. Staying in power and staying away from the consequences of his actions are all he cares about.

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Chris Gifford