Trump Should Be Scared Out Of His Mind After Former State Prosecutor Laid Out The Perfect Roadmap For Biden’s AG To Criminally Charge The Ex-President

Trump should be shaking in his boots right about now.

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The January 6th House Select Committee is turning up the heat with regard to their investigation into the infamous Capitol riot that took place nearly a year ago, to say the very least. And they’re doing so for good reason, as their time may soon be running out, with midterm elections rapidly approaching and a pretty steep chance of Republicans taking back the House and dismantling the committee is heavy in the air.

As a result of the committee’s increased efforts in their investigation, many questions are beginning to bubble to the surface not just in direct correlation to his involvement in the riot itself, but into what exactly the then-president was doing for literal hours as his rabid supporters stormed the nation’s Capitol building while his own closest allies were literally begging him to make it stop.

Now, one former Democratic Senator and state prosecutor is laying out the perfect roadmap for President Biden’s Attorney General to officially lodge criminal charges against Donald Trump — and all we can say is, the former guy better hope he doesn’t use it.

Speaking on a segment with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace recently, former Democratic Senator and state prosecutor Claire McCaskill outlined in great detail the steps she would suggest Attorney General Merrick Garland take to successfully convince members of a Grand Jury to indict ex-President Trump on criminal charges, stemming from his overall involvement in the violent Capitol riot.

McCaskill encouraged prosecutors to paint a mental picture for jurors of what it looked like for the then-President of the United States to be glued to a television watching coverage of his own supporters violently storming the nation’s Capitol building and directly endangering numerous members of Congress.

Multiple sources who were present in the Trump White House on that fateful day have said that Trump was positively glued to the TV as he watched the riots play out in real-time, truly excited to see what his supporters were doing for him, in his name. McCaskill explained to the MSNBC host that the numerous text messages that were sent to Trump’s then Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on January 6th, and recently released by the House Select Committee, begging and pleading with Trump and his people to make the riot stop are all clear cut evidence of Donald Trump’s malicious intent regarding the Capitol insurrection.

“We can go through and we can put the images at a specific time,” McCaskill explained. “And we can then fill in the text messages, the phone calls that were flooding the White House saying, get him to call them off. Now, what was he watching on TV at those moments? He was watching windows being broken. He was watching police officers being stabbed with flag poles. He was watching people hang from the balcony in the Senate. He was watching people carry around government property proudly like trophies in the capital. And, frankly, he was watching a confrontation at the door of the House where someone was killed.”

The recollections of those present in the White House on that fateful day say that Donald Trump loved every second of it.

“Give me those facts. Give me those timelines, and give me a jury,” McCaskill stated with fiery conviction. “I’m just telling you, any responsible leader would want to end the violence, not provoke it. That’s what he did that day, and that’s what this committee is going to layout. And that’s where Merrick Garland is either going to rise to the occasion or go down in infamy as one of the worst attorney generals in this country’s history.”

Frankly, if Trump didn’t know he was screwed before, he should damn sure know it now.

Watch the MSNBC clip right here:

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