Trump Sons Appear To Be Hinting At Their Own Presidential Runs As Their Father Flails In The Polls

I want off this ride.

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One of the many troublesome parts of this nepotistic administration is that we can’t get rid of the family members the United States did not elect into office. Trump’s eldest sons, Don Jr. and Eric, don’t seem ready to make a graceful departure from politics if the president loses to Democratic nominee Joe Biden. And if the president loses — especially in a landslide victory for Biden — it would be a referendum on Trumpism.

Junior and Eric Trump, both of whom have been deeply involved in their father’s reelection campaign, broke with the “Keep America Great” message on Saturday to hint at their own runs in 2024, Forbes reports. But, if the U.S. largely rejects Donald J. Trump, then Americans won’t want the president’s braindead children in office either. No one ever accused Trump’s sons of being very bright.

Here’s Junior’s message on his Instagram page in which he writes, “this will make the lib heads explode.”


Mmkay, punkin’.

Then, of course, Eric Trump liked a tweet on Saturday that read, “Eric Trump 2024.”

With the election only ten days away, and fifty million votes have already been cast, Trump is trailing behind Biden. “A wave of swing-state surveys this week confirmed Biden’s advantage in many of the Electoral College battlegrounds, including posting double-digit leads in some polls in Michigan and Pennsylvania,” Politico reports. Things aren’t looking good for America’s racist grandpa as Biden leads by eight points nationally.

As for Trump’s spawn, they have served this country with no purpose other than trying to please their father. And ‘owning the libs’ isn’t in the job description for being the United States president. And frankly, the people of this country have suffered enough with Trump at the helm. So, that’s a hard pass.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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