Trump Spokesperson Describes His Boss As “The Most Masculine Person, I Think, To Ever Hold The White House”


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The outgoing president’s spokesman Hogan Ridley gave us a glimpse of what is seriously wrong with Trumpism. In 2019, Donald Trump posted a photo where his head was photoshopped on to the fictional boxer Rocky Balboa’s bare body. That would be like Hillary Clinton posting a photoshopped image of her head on supermodel Gigi Hadid’s body. Yeah, that’s some weird shit right there.

Trump supporters seem to want the president to appear masculine and have circulated memes for a while now of a young, exuberant man that’s rippled with muscles. But, in reality, Trump is a girdled septuagenarian that wears lifts to appear taller, wears a diaper, has a ridiculous hairstyle, and wears weird orangey makeup, so this fantasy Trumpers live in is confusing to the rest of us.

Hogan Gidley was asked on Fox News if Trump feels “emasculated” by the social media crackdown, and the president’s spokesman shot back, describing Trump as “the most masculine person, I think, to ever hold the White House.”



Hogan Ridley thinks Trump is hot — the hottest man in the world, y’all. We’re pretty sure that Melania would disagree. She’s probably scrambling to get a divorce attorney at the ready right now. And I see conservatives have thrown former president Ronald Reagan — who was an actual movie star — under the bus on this one. Now, John F. Kennedy was hot. As for masculine, former president Teddy Roosevelt gave a lengthy speech after being shot in his chest and said, “It takes more than that to kill a bull moose.” Donald J. Trump is not. The outgoing president literally hid in a bunker from the American people. And masculine men aren’t anti-maskers amid a pandemic. I’m just trying to bring us back to reality here.

And we shouldn’t even need to point out that masculinity isn’t a prerequisite for being a leader. There will be a woman president one day, and we’re going to laugh at Hogan Ridley again when that happens. But in the meantime, enjoy having the hots for the most embarrassing president ever to hold office, Hogan.

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