Trump Supporters Are Buying Into Ridiculous Claims That President Biden Manipulated The Weather To Cause Brutal TX Storm

Uhm... What?!

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I’ll be honest, I had naive hopes that the MAGA crowd would somehow settle down a little once their dear leader was finally booted from the White House, even if he was clawing for dear life on his way out. But frankly, I should have known better.

The MAGA crowd has been just as fired up and insane as ever since Donald Trump departed the presidency in a fury of disappointment and pouting and every time we think these people have finally reached a level so low that they couldn’t possibly get any worse, they prove us wrong time and time again.

The theories and complaints coming out of the Right since the official inauguration of Joe Biden have been, well, batshit crazy. They’ve quite literally stooped so low as to attack Dr. Jill Biden’s scrunchie she used to pull her hair back into a ponytail.


But now they’ve officially gone too far over the edge, as they buy into a viral, downright ridiculous claim that President Biden somehow manipulated the WEATHER to purposely cause the devastating winter storm in Texas that left thousands without heat, water, or electricity for nearly a week.

Yes. That actually happened.

Conspiracy theorist Scott Biddle claimed:

A total of over 4 million people are without power tonight and will be for the next several days, some a lot longer.

Did you know weather manipulation and controlling the Jetstream has been going on for years and is not a conspiracy theory? Research cloud seeding and weather modification programs such as Harvard’s Operation Solar Shield.

Joe Biden’s “Dark Winter” statement was not a random thought, it was a foreshadow of what was to come. Texas is the only state to have its own, entirely independentelectric grid separate from the rest of the United States. This is warfare, an attack on Texas by altering the Jetstream, seeding the clouds, and ultimately causing the storm that blacked out over 4 million people. Sound crazy? Too hard to believe? Believe it.”

You wouldn’t think that a conspiracy theory as hair-brained and downright ridiculous as this one would have a snowball’s chance in Hell at getting even an ounce of traction. But you would be underestimating the craziness of the MAGA crowd.

The nonsensical post gained so much attention that PolitiFact ended up having to address the claims and prove that they’re every bit as ridiculous as they sound.

The fact of the matter is, Donald Trump opened a box of crazy that we may never be able to put the lid back on. These people are real, they’re here, and they’re not going away.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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