Trump Takes A Question From His Old Press Secretary, Appears To Pretend Not To Recognize Him

It was a great show, honestly.

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As long as we’re going to have these Coronavirus Task Force briefings every single day, sitting through hours of 1/8th answers from smart people and 7/8ths Trump patting himself on the back, we might as well start keeping a running tally of the greatest hits from this series.

After all, Trump has replaced his MAGA rallies with these pressers, so highlighting the good, bad, and absurd stuff will serve as reminders that we can carry with us, like when you close your eyes and can see this photo from memory:


First up, Trump’s bizarre exchange with Sean Spicer.

From Guy In The Easter Bunny Costume during the Bush era, to White House Press Secretary for Donald Trump, to neon green-clad contestant on Dancing With The Stars, to “reporter” for “news” outlets Newsmax and One America News, Sean “PERIOD!” Spicer has had a pretty illustrious career.

And let’s face it, we as a nation have had a pretty good time making fun of him essentially the entire him he’s been a public figure. His angry outbursts over Trump’s insane inauguration crowd size claims, his clearly drunken interviews post-WH job, and holy shit, his awful, awful dancing have all been more than enough for us to collectively agree that Spicer is a massive scrotum, just a huge waste of a person, whose sycophancy to the worst President in American history is only outsized by his shameless desire to remain relevant after his ignominious exit from the Trump White House.

But I guess now we’re supposed to take him seriously since he’s a Real Reporter™ delivering Real News™ to the tens and tens of Real Americans who read Newsmax.

And by the looks of it, Donald Trump is repaying Sean Spicer’s undying loyalty to him by pretending not to recognize him.

Now, don’t get me wrong: If I got a job just because I used to hang out with Donald Trump, I really wouldn’t harp on my connections — especially if I wanted to be taken seriously as an unbiased arbiter of news and a conduit of information from the world to the general public. So maybe it’s a good thing that Trump basically looked right past Spicey’s Joker-purple blazer at one of his first CTF briefings as he took his question, as he might eye-glaze over any other reporter he openly despises at his press briefings:

Don’t worry, Shady Spice. He remembers you and you still might get a Christmas present this year. He’s just pretending you’re nothing but a peon now, and he’s a really terrific actor.

Featured image via screen capture

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